This is how Umarak prevents Man from killing Bambi's Mother and Umarak vs Man goes in Bambi.

[Bambi yawns]

Bambi's Mother: Bambi? Bambi, come here. Look.

[Bambi's face lights up in joy]

Bambi's Mother: New spring grass.

[Both start eating but suddenly Bambi's Mother feels something in the air. Danger]

Bambi's Mother: Bambi, quick, the thicket!

[Bambi and his mother run as a gunshot is heard]

Bambi's Mother: Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!

[Bambi and his mother run on]

[Umarak watches and sees a slender, muscular man with brown hair and eyebrows, gray eyes, wearing light gray gloves, yellow coat, a red shirt, blue jeans, and black boots and he has a shotgun. Umarak sees he's trying to kill Bambi and his mother and decides to protect them]

[Umarak brings out his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter and fires at Man. Man fires back. Umarak hides behind a rock and fires back]

[Bambi and his mother run on as the fight continues]

[Umarak disappears through shadow. Man looks confused]

Man: What the?

[Umarak reappears behind Man and taps him on the shoulder. Man turns around to see Umarak and prepares to shoot him when Umarak grabs his arm and twists it, causing Man to scream in pain and drop his shotgun. Umarak then picks up the shotgun and smashes it]

Umarak the Hunter: You afraid to do some hand to hand combat?

Man: No.

Umarak the Hunter: Bring it on.

Man: Okay.

[Umarak and Man start wrestling]

[After a long fight, Man tries to punch Umarak, but Umarak catches his right arm with his left arm and punches Man with his right arm. Umarak then punches Man with his left arm and hits him in the gut with his knee. Umarak then punches Man with his right arm and sends Man falling to the ground in defeat]

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