This is how Umarak tases Flik goes in A Bug's Life: Bionicle.


[Umarak travels through shadow]

Tahu: Flik. The mask.

Lewa: Over here. Throw it.

Pohatu: Over here.

Kopaka: Don't let them get it first.

Gali: Toss it!

Onua: Hurry!

Princess Atta: Let me help.

[Atta prepares to help him when one of Umarak's Shadow Spawns grabs her]

Princess Atta: Let me go!

Flik: Princess Atta!

[Flik prepares to rescue her when Umarak appears]

Umarak the Hunter: Give me the Mask of Control.

[Umarak reaches for it]

[Flik puts it in his backpack]

Flik: If you want it, come and get it.

[Umarak becomes angry and brings out a taser and tases Flik]

[Atta watches in horror]

Princess Atta: Flik, no!

[Umarak finishes tasing Flik and he falls backwards into the abyss]

[Tahu punches the Shadow Spawn holding Atta, causing him to let go]

Princess Atta: Thanks.

Tahu: No problem.

[Atta sets Flik down and

Flik: [weakly] Atta. Toa.

Princess Atta: [worried] Flik.

[Atta checks Flik overs]

[Onua cleans Flik]

[Atta finds one of Flik's legs is injured]

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