Unfundamentals is a song from Fairly OddParents: School's Out The Musical!.


Cosmo: This used to be a fun place

But now we wear a sad face

Since pixies have all replaced

The way that things are done

Jorgen: There's no more granting wishes

You can't turn into fishes

Now pipe down do the dishes

Come on now everyone

Fairies: These are the unfundamentals

For us fairy god parentals

Who are now devoid of wishing and of mirth

We're certifiably de-mental

'Cause these unfundamentals

Make being a fairy about as fun as giving birth

Cosmo: I'll bet it's even worse down there on earth!

Wanda: Timmy?! Timmy?!

Timmy?! Timmy?! Timmy?!

Flappy Bob: All the arcades now close at three

The trampolines are bouncy free

And there's a pad on every knee

Everything's fine, far as I see

But I can't help but think out loud

The things that kid had said somehow

My mom and dad would not be proud

Of the path I've taken in life

Have I been wrong? Have I been used?

Should I embrace my nose and shoes?

Accept these gifts I once refused?

Happy Peppy Gary and Peppy Happy Betty: I'm happy, peppy...

Flappy Bob: NOT NOW!!!

Timmy Turner: Our heads must be protected

Our bodies disinfected

This is just as I suspected

What would happen if this world was ruled with...

Timmy and Sanjay: unfundamentals

Surely all you parentals

Must see how devoid of fun this truly, truly is

Mr. Turner: But all these unfundamentals

Seem quite instrumental

To keep all of you rowdy kids in line

If you need us we'll be playing the back 9


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