This is how Unicron's defeat and Optimus and Twilight lose their memories goes in episode 26 of season 1 of Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

Optimus Prime: Matrix of Leadership, I call upon you.

Twilight Sparkle: Magic of the Alicorn come to me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Master Eraqus. Primus. Give me the power that I need.

[Ryan and 2 of his friends power up]

Unicron: You cannot defeat me, disciple of Primus, Princess of Friendship, and student of Primus. I have transcended physical being. By my will alone, all upon this world shall fall into chaos.

Optimus Prime: Not while I still function, Unicron. The power of the Matrix will light our darkest hour.

Twilight Sparkle: Lead you down the path of Friendship.

Ryan F-Freeman: And light the road of recovery.

Unicron: NOOO!

[Ryan uses his Keyblade, Optimus uses the Matrix, and Twilight uses the Magic of the Alicorn on Unicron]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. My head.[falls on the floor]

Unicron: Aahhhh!

[Everything returns to normal]

Megatron: Teamwork? Ha.

[Megatron approaches the two, sword drawn]

Optimus Prime: Where are we, Megatronus?

Twilight Sparkle: And what happened?

Megatron: Don't you remember, old friends?

Ryan F-Freeman: [feels dizzy] I remember the 13 original Primes and Alicorns.

Bulkhead: Optimus, you alright?

Applejack: You okay, Twi?

Optimus Prime: Why did he call me that?

Twilight Sparkle: And why did she call me Twi?

Arcee: What did you do to them?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

Twilight Sparkle: Who are they?

[Decepticon Groundbridge appears]

Megatron: Our mortal enemies. We're outnumbered. Go, I'll cover you.

[Before entering the Groundbridge, Optimus and Twilight look back at Bumblebee and Rarity. Bee bleeps something and Rarity just stares wide-eyed. Optimus and Twilight then go into the Groundbridge]

[After a short battle with them, Megatron enters the groundbridge. Ratchet bridges the team back and they have a little conversation]

Ratchet: Optimus and Twilight. Are they...?

Arcee: Dead? No.

Bulkhead: But they looked right at us without recognizing us. Didn't even know their own names.

Ratchet: If Twilight and Optimus did not know their own names, they lost more than just the collectable wisdom of the Primes and Alicorns. They lost their own memories.

Ryan F-Freeman: Not me. I saved our home.

Ratchet: True, Ryan. But we have already lost two great leaders.

Crash Bandicoot: Congrats, Ryan. Until Optimus and Twilight come back, You and I will be the Autobots' new leaders.

[The Autobots cheer]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks. What will my and Crash's Prime names be?

Ratchet: Not sure but we may figure it out in the future.

Arcee: Well, Thomas, good luck trying to get your girlfriend back. [realizes he's gone] Thomas?

Bulkhead: He's gone.

Evil Ryan: Holy cow.

Rainbow Dash: And you didn't believe him.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait. I think... I got Optimus' and Twilight's memories in me.

Sunset Shimmer: Really?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I think it's when I use the magic from my Keyblade, some of it's magic must have transferred their memories to me.

Ratchet: You mean you got the collectable wisdom of the Primes and Alicorns and both Twilight's and Optimus' memories in your head, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't know why. But wherever Thomas is, I hope he's okay.

Evil Ryan: Yeah. You remember what Twilight learned, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. And also what Optimus learned.

Matau T. Monkey: You do? How you got both their memories in your head, Master Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Not sure.

Crash Bandicoot: I hope we will get them back someday.

Applejack: Yeah.

Bertram T. Monkey: We will, Bandicus Prime. We will.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah. And when they return, we will tell Prime and Twilight about what did Master Ryan learn. Maybe someday, someone by the name of Odette needs our help.

[In space]

Knock Out: Welcome back, Lord Megatron.

Breakdown: [sees Optimus and Twilight and charges]

Megatron: At ease, Breakdown. That is no way to welcome long lost comrades. Orion Pax and Nightfall Twinkle are one of us.

[To be continued...]

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