Unicron Returns is new movie created by Transformersprimefan.


Whilst scouting inside a mine rich with Dark Energon, Devious Diesel becomes possessed by Unicron, who within seeks to destroy Thomas the tank engine and aquires Diesel's body to do so. Diesel rampages throughout the Island of Sodor, but struggles against Unicron at the same time. Can Thomas, with the help of Blitzer and the Z-Stacks, stop Unicron before he puts Diesel under eternal suffering?


Unicron's Deal with Diesel

On Earth's moon, Hunter tells Devious Diesel that there is an Energon mine that is full of Dark Energon. Diesel immediately leaves and finds the mine. Whilst scouting around, Diesel hears a sudden voice calling his name. He finds a glowing purple crystal that speaks to him... IN UNICRON'S VOICE! Diesel suddenly realises that the crystal possesses the mind of Unicron and asks the Chaos Bringer what he wants. Unicron explains that he wants to get revenge on Thomas for imprisoning him and makes a deal with Diesel and transforms him, giving Diesel a robot body and heading to Sodor.

Diesel's Rampage

Diesel arrives on Sodor and starts rampaging through Vicarstown. Unicron tells him to stay focused on the task.

With the mare and the girls


  • Diesel will be possessed by Unicron in this film.


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