This is how Unicron comes to reason and Escaping the Unicron Timeline goes in Sci-Ryan's and Clay's Time Travel Adventure.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think you need to help us, Lord Unicron.

Unicron: Why should I help you?

Sci-Ryan: A clown named Jestro went back in time and change the past. Human kind relies on you. For life and sustenance.

Ryan F-Freeman: Jestro's time-stream messing will only result the destruction of you and a species which evolve from the seeds of your very greatness and God's creations.

Unicron: So this Human kind and this Jestro of whom you speak, you consider him my progeny?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. Will you help us? For you and Primus!

Unicron: Oh.

Evil Ryan: Wait. If you help us, Unicron. You could let Ryvine be your follower. Ryvine is your student.

Unicron: I have many followers.

Sci-Ryan: Good. So, you could open a time portal and send us including Ryan, your brother's student back in time to stop Jestro.

Evil Ryan: Please? Like Ryan and Megatron, I got magic and your life-blood in me. So I can put them to good use.

Ryan F-Freeman: And everytime Jestro does Starlight's thing, how come the present be diffrent like this?

Unicron: Well, I think it might be like the line of time and when it's bent, it makes different presents, Student of Primus.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. I guess it's cool.

Sci-Ryan: And we could go back in time. I think the space-time continuum needs fixing into order.

Evil Ryan: Ok. You and Ryan must use your powers to open a time portal to send me and my friends back in time.

Unicron: Stand back.

[Unicron and Ryan use their magic and power to open a time portal]

Clay Moorington: Wow. You did it!

Unicron: The line of Primes is grown strong in your time, Ryan. Thank you.

Ryan F-Freeman: You are a good help, Lord Unicron. Good luck with your time in here. Someday, I could use my plant controlling powers as Everfree Prince Gale.

Evil Ryan: And believe me, when Megatron use Dark Energon on Cliffjumper, it made him a Terrocon.


Evil Anna: See you later. [jumps into the time portal with Ryan and the gang following]


[The time portal closes]

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