This is how Unmasking the Criminal goes in Ryan's Magical Caper.


Sonata Dusk: Did we get him, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Sonata.

Twilight Sparkle:

Sci-Ryan: Time to unmask this guy.

[Sci-Ryan pulls the mask off of the criminal, revealing his identity to be...]

Ryan and the gang: Kickback.

Kickback: It took you long too figure it out.

Ryan F-Freeman: But why did you do it?

Kickback: I only did this because I wanted to spend time with Trixie.

Master Eon: By my beard. I think it might be something to explain this.

Sci-Ryan: I got this one. Remember the magic show?

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah? Why?

Sci-Ryan: It's when Matau and the Skylanders are preforming the song "Tricks up my sleeve", Kickback got a buddy to use magic to make firework that make projections of Thunderwing and

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