Unplugged is an episode of Thomas' Adventures of Thunderbirds Are Go ( 2015 TV Series)


An anti-technology group calling themselves The Luddites [later revealed to be working for the Hood], power up an electromagnetic pulse device underneath London, crippling everything that uses electricity, including Thunderbird 2, which is forced to make an emergency landing. Both Virgil and Grandma Tracy, along with Lady Penelope and Parker, and Thomas, Edward & Toby and Henrietta, must stop them stealing the power and causing a worldwide blackout, while at the same time rescuing a construction worker from a damaged crane. Thomas comes up with a plan to save the construction worker: Edward will hold the crane still, Toby will try to pull the crane back in place and Thomas will help Virgil & Grandma Tracy.


  • [At Tracy Island, Thunderbird 2 prepares to blast off]
  • Thomas: Whoo-hoo! A trip to London, England.
  • Edward: I can't wait!
  • Toby: I've only ever been once.
  • Virgil: I know you're excited, guys.

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