This is how Upgrading the Heroes goes in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Revenge of the Witch Doctor.


[Stormer looks determined. Later]

Principle Celestia: Putting out the fire in any villain's plan, Stormer the rhino.

[Stormer gets a helmet with a rhino's horn on it. Furno is next]

Principle Celestia: Soaring through the air for justice, Furno has the power of the eagle.

[Furno gets wings and a helmet shaped like an eagle's head. Up next is Stringer]

Principle Celestia: Beware his grip, for Stringer now has the claws of a bear.

[Stringer gets a bear head shaped helmet and claws. Next up is Nex]

Principle Celestia: When the tech work is done, Nex slashes into battle like a tiger.

[Nex gets a tiger head shaped helmet and armor. Bulk is next in line]

Principle Celestia: Stalking danger and hunting villainy, Bulk becomes a wolf.

[Bulk gets a wolf head shaped helmet and armor. Rocka is up next]

Principle Celestia: Heeding the mighty roar of villains, Rocka has the power of a lion.

[Rocka gets a lion head shaped helmet and armor]

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