Urai Fenn is a character from the PC Game

Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption

Urai Fen was Tyber Zann's loyal bodyguard, and second in command of the Zann Consortium.

A member of the avian Talortai race, Fen served an important role in Zann's conquest and was old enough to have lived through one of the Sith Wars. He was the only person Zann trusted to handle a Sith holocron stolen from Jabba the Hutt, right before Zann's capture. Concerned for the survival of the Consortium, Fen contacted unknown allies on Kamino. They were willing to harbor the remnants of the Consortium, so Fen moved Consortium forces from Ryloth to Kamino. Fen then attacked the Imperial forces on Kamino, defeated them, and laid low until Tyber Zann was ready.

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