Group of Uruk-Hai.jpg

A battalion of Uruk-Hai of Isengard.

The Uruk-Hai are a bigger and breed of Orc from in Middle-Earth.


Uruk-Hai, or Uruks for short may have been bred either selectivley, or as hybribs; mixing different breeds of orcs, or even mixing orcs with humans. Uruk-Hai are roughly as tall as men and bare a similar athletic anatomy, which makes them much stronger fighters than most breeds.

They are also better armored than most lesser orcs, and are generally armed like long bows, broad swords, and long iron spears. Also, unlike other orc breeds in Middle-Earth, The Uruk-Hai can tolerate sunlight, hence why they can endure moving across such tough terrain over vast distances.

They are best known to make up for the elite armies of Isengard under the command of the wizard Saruman, but their beginings as far as some know reach back as far back during the adventures of the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, as they made up for the armies of Mordor under the command of the so-called "Necromancer" of Dol Guldor.


Known Uruk Characters

  • Lurtz
  • Uglúk
  • Shagrat


  • Uruk means "Orc" in Black Speech, and Hai (Pronounced like saying "Hi") means "Folk" Together in Black Speech, the name for Uruk-Hai means, "Orc-Folk" possibley highlighting mix-breeding with humans.
  • As well as being larger and more athletic than many other orcs, The Uruk-Hai are also proven to be sometimes smarter as well.
  • Azog himself, might possibly come from an earlier breed of Uruk, which were sent from Mordor to populate the mountains in Moria and Gundabad.

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