Use the Force, Snowdrop is the 4th episode of the third season of The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


Yuna tries to train Snowdrop with the force, but Snoutlout is interrupting and disturbing her so she decides to give up. So Human Fluttershy tries to teach her herself.


Yuna's idea

One day, the Vikings, Foals, and the others are practicing using the Force and their lightsabers, but Snowdrop is left out on the playground with only her 2 dragons for company. Yuna watches her sister and feels sorry for her, but this gave her an idea. She then talks to her and tells her that she can see with the Force. Snowdrop gets excited and she accepts it.

Training Snowdrop

Later, Yuna trains Snowdrop, she first has her struggles. Then finally she is getting the hang of it but Snoutlout interrupts her.

Snowdrop gives up/Human Fluttershy trains her

Later, Snowdrop does a hoof stand. But when she tries to Snoutlout interrupts her which causes her to fall. Snowdrop then decides to just give up and leaves in rage. later, she is on the swing as Eaglesight is pushing her. Then Human Fluttershy walks up and ask what's wrong, Snowdrop explains that she is going to use the Force as her vision, so she can use a lightsaber and a gun but Snoutlout interrupts her everytime. But Human Fluttershy tells her that she can train her, because she and the others girls were training to become Jedi too. Snowdrop smiles and let's her agree and Human Fluttershy begins to train her. Snowdrop starts by hoof standing and lifting rocks. And then she starts seeing vision! She then starts to lose balance and falls. She then gives up again, but then Yoda comes in. He tells her that she is almost done. And then he shows her Primrose (in Spirit form), she then congratulates her. Snowdrop feels very pleased with herself and then uses the force, allowing to see her. And then she decides to test firing a gun and using a lightsaber with a dummy. And she did it! She then hugs Primrose. Then Primrose begins to fade. Snowdrop is at first sad but Yoda assures her that she will be with her. And then tells her that her Force training will allow her to see more. And she must use it with real good care as the episode ends.


  • Yoda guest stars in this episode



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