I have been doing alot of thinking lately and well. It's just that well...

I've decided to retitle my adventures series into THOMAS' ADVENTURES SERIES.

The reason why is because well the title Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures Series is well way too silly for me now because of Thomas and Twilight Sparkle as leaders and everyone thinks I'm making them as a couple. But I'm not.

and also I want to make intro for Thomas and his friends with that series 19 song I heard on Youtube.

So I made my decision to retitle Thomas' Adventures Series after the new year comes. I'll still have Twilight and her friends in the team but it will be in a different title for now on.

And besides that Thomas' Adventures Series was my first choice in the first place before I started all this T&TS thing.

I'll still have the same team you know. But it's my final decision. please don't argue with me on this Hiatt Grey and Stuington. but's it's for the best.

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