hi, I joined this wiki since last year on Dec.29, I want you guys to hear this.

Everyone, our internet freedom is at stake. the net neutrality is dead, which means Verizon won and we lost, means our open internet is doomed!!!!! they can censor our websites, block it, and there's no one to stop them, even they might block youtube, devianart, google, and our wikis. hope you'll say goodbye to that because our ideas could be flushed in the toilet!!!

But there is a way to stop this, we need to tell the Fcc to restore our open internet and protect our internet before it's too late. I want you post on your wikis too. and deviantart or post a video on youtube, I want you to spread all the millions of users, all of them, I want them ready to move. cause we're gonna tell the FCC to fix the Net Neutrality and restore our open internet, get all more users ready, by all I mean millions of users to take charge, spread it, now!!! now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!

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