Jeff Meredith

aka Jeffrey Allen Meredith

  • I live in Glen Haven, CO
  • I was born on May 5
  • I am Male
  • Jeff Meredith

    BEAST: Enough! The window, open the window!

    COGSWOTH: But...

    BEAST: Now!

    COGSWORTH: Opening the window.

    LUMIERE: Oh!

    BELLE: Are you still warm?

    BEAST: Mm-hmm.

    BELLE: Others are getting cold.

    BEAST: Well. Perhaps they should leave the room.

    BELLE: That's not very congenial.

    BEAST: What?

    WEBSTER: Congenial. cordial. Pleasant. Agreeable. And for a definitive definition...

    BEAST: I don't have to be con-con. Well. It's my castle. And I make the rules.

    BELLE: Just because it's your castle doesn't mean you should be rude.

    WEBSTER: Rude. offensive. Primitive. Abrupt.

    BEAST: I know what it means.

    BELLE: Webster! Oh. Ro! Oh. You poor thing.

    WEBSTER: Uh. Dazed. Disoriented. Uhh.

    BELLE: That was an awful thing to do. You're acting rude and foolish. 

    RABBIT: Beast, you a…

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  • Jeff Meredith

    Gru's Adventures

    September 17, 2015 by Jeff Meredith

    If there was a spin off of the Pooh Adventure series, it would be Gru's Adventures, in there would be a "New Adventures of Speed Racer" style theme song, and some minions would watch their movies from the same film projector as seen in the cartoon Orientation Day, the same way Pooh uses his Paw and Order stage.

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