Pooh's Adventures of Belle's Magical World Argument Scene

BEAST: Enough! The window, open the window!



COGSWORTH: Opening the window.


BELLE: Are you still warm?

BEAST: Mm-hmm.

BELLE: Others are getting cold.

BEAST: Well. Perhaps they should leave the room.

BELLE: That's not very congenial.

BEAST: What?

WEBSTER: Congenial. cordial. Pleasant. Agreeable. And for a definitive definition...

BEAST: I don't have to be con-con. Well. It's my castle. And I make the rules.

BELLE: Just because it's your castle doesn't mean you should be rude.

WEBSTER: Rude. offensive. Primitive. Abrupt.

BEAST: I know what it means.

BELLE: Webster! Oh. Ro! Oh. You poor thing.

WEBSTER: Uh. Dazed. Disoriented. Uhh.

BELLE: That was an awful thing to do. You're acting rude and foolish. 

RABBIT: Beast, you are a selfish jerk.  And guess what?  Webster's our friend now.  He's talented at vocabulary, and he's everything we deserve in the castle.  We're happy now, Beast, without you.  It's over.

EEYORE: You are without respect, and now you demand it?  I thought you were made of sterner stuff.

PIGLET: We will not serve a false master.

POOH: (to Piglet): Come on.  Belle hates it when she is treated like a child.

TIGGER: T-T-F-E.  Ta Ta Forever.

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