Timon: Is something going on?

Sora: Uh, guys, I think we have a problem.

(Jonathan and the men wake up)

(The grasshoppers approach Hamunaptra and appear)

Rick: Run!

Goofy: Woah, we'd better get out of here!

Donald: Run for your life!

Pumbaa: Shall we run for our lives?

Timon: Oh, yes, let's.

(Timon and Pumbaa run and scream for their lives)

Rick: Go, go!

(Rick, Sora and others keep running)

(Men screaming)

(The Egyptologist stands)

Egyptologist: What have we done?

(Inside the chamber in the hallway)

Henderson: Where the hell did they come from?

Daniels: I ain't waitin' around to find out.

(Burns fall to the ground and his glasses fall)

Burns: My glasses. My glasses!

Beni: (running) Leave me! Leave me!

Burns: Hey! Hey! Could you help me find my gl-- (Beni steps on his glasses) Oh.

(Beni grabs the torch and run, whimpering)

Beni: Wait for me!

(Burns grabs his glasses and begins to see without it)

(Burns walks slowly and blindly and then hears someone coming)

Burns: Who's there? (Burns turns, using his gun and panting) Who's there?

(Burns turns back and pants)

(The mummy appears like a ghost and Burns turns right and then left)

(He turns slowly to see who is behind him and screams)

(Meanwhile, Sora and the others walk)

(The ground crumbles)

Evelyn: Ah, Jon!

(The ground dirt puffs and the scarabs appear)

Sora: Huh?

(Donald gasps)

(Goofy gasps)

Rex: Yikes!

(Pumbaa screams)

(Courage screams)

Timon: Whoa!

Scotsman: What are those thing?

Evelyn: Scarabs!

Jonathan: Run, Evy!

Rick: Go, go, go! Run!

(Sora and others run and Rick throws the torch and shoots them)

(They run into the hallway path and find themselves the spots to let the scarabs go through)

(Sora, Evelyn and others fall when the stone wall opens and then closes)

(The scarabs crawl through the path and disappear)

Rick: Evelyn?

Jonathan: Evy?

Rick: Sora!

Jonathan: Norbert! Dagett!

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