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    No matter if Trolls are coming here to mess with us…

    …or I find out someone from is going to other wikis to mess with them, a Troll is a Troll is a Troll, And I *hate* trolls.

    So don't let me find out someone here is acting the troll all up in someone else's grillz. You will be blocked here just the same as in-coming trolls get blocked. Do not reduce yourself to their levels or their tactics.

    So if you *are* involved in such activity on *any* wiki, no matter how much you might think they deserve it… and I know some of them do… STOP.

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  • Love Robin

    Members of , you are not to comment here …Zack, do not remove any comments. That is my job. They may comment so long as it is civil. Abusers of this privilege will be blocked.

    "She has a DA account."
    Yes. Been watching y'all for quite a while.
    "Why is he trying to defend a bunch of manchildren then again he is one."
    I would think a better question is: why are you terrorizing them? Have *you* nothing better to do with your time than devote it to cyberbullying and tearing down the creative efforts of people? Every comment you make about them and what they should be doing with their lives is even more fitting to yourselves.
    And one of you has an "Anti-Hate Seriously" stamp on your profile… talk about hypocrisy.
    Let's consider your term "manchildren"…
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  • Love Robin

    New Contributors

    December 31, 2013 by Love Robin

    New contributors ARE going to find their way to . NOT all will be Trolls and Vandals


    However, if there is something about their adventure projects you don't care for or think will fit the values of , THEN MESSAGE THEM. Or where they make Forums and Blogs, DROP THEM A POST. Express yourself and your opinions. Not just one person. Each of you.

    Otherwise, SILENCE MEANS YOU APPROVE, and that means their adventures will stay.

    So I repeat: ALL of you have the *responsibility* AS A COMMUNITY to SPEAK UP.

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  • Love Robin

    Chat in real time!

    December 16, 2013 by Love Robin

    The Chatroom is now open and available, which allows y'all to chat in real time when online at the same time. For more info, see Help:Chat

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  • Love Robin


    December 4, 2013 by Love Robin

    Okay, I've seen the new Category:Places that appear in Kingdom Hearts, and I've got to ask: "Why so wordy? Why so restrictive??"

    "Kingdom Hearts" would be shorter and more succinctly to the point aw well as increasing the flexibility by being useful for ANY person, place, or thing associated with Kingdom Hearts. That, plus tagged with Category:Places would do the exact same job while increasing the ability to locate a topic.

    The categories really should be subjected to a serious re-think.

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