Haya Gang

Well, looks like y'all be seeing more of me more often. Between BrerJake and myself, we should have this project covered.

I'll admit I have no idea what y'r all doing here, I'm mainly here to help out by busting punks and vandals. I'm generally online or near a connected computer most the day. so my response time will be fairly fast. Within a couple hours on my own, little faster when I see a message indicator.

HOWEVER, only one notice will be needed on my Page when there is a problem. Not 2. Not 32. I'll respond as swiftly as I'm able while I'm online. And I shall respond. Repeating with multiple lines will not get me here any faster. When I do arrive, those who are obvious Trolls will be tossed back under their bridge. Others I'll try and chat with first, to get them to play nice in whatever it is you're doing here. Remember, new to the way this wiki operates is not always being a Troll. But of course, as soon any reveals themselves as a vandal, they'll get dealt with.

And again, no need to repeatedly post about them.

Remain calm. Don't give them something to laugh at, cause all that does is make them want to come back more and more. Don't respond, and they'll eventually grow bored.

Now, I'll soon be clearing out the pages and files tagged for deletion. Just go over them at Candidates for deletion and let me know if there is anything which could be saved.

Again, great t'be here. --Love Robin (talk) 21:08, November 6, 2013 (UTC)

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