February 28, 2018 by MRJOJOUK3

    Duck is drifting in the Darkness and then he wake up

    Duck: Where am I...

    ?????: Stay asleep.

    Duck: Who said that?

    ?????: You should remain asleep. Here, between light and dark.

    Duck: Between... what? (Gasp) Bugs! Tech! Rev! Slam! Where are they!? Together we closed the door to. After that-

    ?????: You came drifting here by yourself. You did not have the strength to overcome the darkness. Or... maybe you were close to it.

    Duck: Oh, really? As if I'm some kind of demon.

    ??????: Hmph. Turn from the light. Shut your eyes. Here, blanket by the darkness, sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal. But...

    A Card has appeared

    Duck: What is it?

    ?????: It's is a door to the truth. Take it and your sleep ends, as you take the first step towards the truth. But know this t…

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    February 27, 2018 by MRJOJOUK3

    Superman: Tell me what happen?

    They tell them about what happened

    Superman: I see. So the darkness are flowing out from that Symbol.

    Supergirl: No wonder, there are more and more Heartless everywhere. And the only way to stop them is...

    Ace: Get the Symbol, right?

    Superman: Maybe. But no one knows what will happen once you got it.

    Ace: But we can't just stay here. We gotta do something, I've got a friend back here.

    Superman: That's right. You have 4 more friends to worried about. You're team is still missing and Duck's Sword must have been born of the captive princesses hearts just like that Symbol you saw. Of course, without Lexi's heart. It remained incomplete. Once that sword was destroyed, the princesses' hearts should have been freed. Don't …

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    February 27, 2018 by MRJOJOUK3

    They are back in the Dragon Ball, and they are fighting the Heartless to get the Trophy and they did it, they got the Turtle Cup

    Ace: We're the Champs!

    Everyone is celebrating to them

    Hours later

    Roshi: Good job, boys. You are well on your way to winning.

    Next Day

    They are fighting the Heartless and they did it, then they got the Namek Cup

    Ace: We're Number One!

    Hours Later

    Roshi: Excellent Job, Boys. You've been doing so well in the Tournament. I'm so pleased with the progress you have making. I feel sorry now for not letting you in sooner.

    Ace: Hey, don't worry about it.

    Daffy: So, are we close to becoming Heroes?

    Roshi: Not yet. You have a long way to go.

    Daffy: What! This will take forever!

    Wile: Be patience. We'll become Heroes soon. Just you wait …

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    February 23, 2018 by MRJOJOUK3

    Pokemon Coliseum

    Kotemon, Bearmon and Kumamon made it here in the city and they saw a scientist running

    Professor Oak: Phew! That boy is making my go Cuckoo.

    Kumamon: Is something wrong, Mr?

    Professor Oak: (Scream) I told you! You can't join the Tournament, Go-

    He saw Kotemon, Bearmon and Kumamon

    Professor Oak: Hold on? I never seen a Pokemon like you. And why you have a kendo stick? You know this isn't a Kendo Match.

    Kotemon Well...

    He saw Red coming

    Red: Professor Oak! I'm all signed up! Professor Oak!

    Professor Oak: Okay! Okay! Red! I heard you! Now would you keep it down already, you hurting my ears.

    Then he saw a White Hedgehog coming

    ???: I knew it!

    Professor Oak: Perfect... You're happy, Red? You blow my cover to him.

    ???: Alright, lighten up. I …

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    Maverick Hunters OC

    September 17, 2017 by MRJOJOUK3

    Diamondback Direwolf (9th Unit Special Forces or 14th Grapple Combat Unit)

    Frost Polaroid (aka 'Froid'; Medical/Rescue Unit)

    Astral Moonbat (0th Shinobi Unit)

    Sonic Bluejay (17th Elite Unit)

    Shade Panther (17th Elite Unit)

    Drill Mole (17th Elite Unit)

    Lightspeed Machhog (4th Desert Unit)

    Knuckleduster Mechidna (14th Grapple Combat Unit)

    Ferrous Foxcon (17th Elite Unit)

    Toxic Gasskunk (9th Ranger Unit)

    Champion Pegasus (7th Air Cavalry Unit)

    Argentum Psychehog's (17th Elite Unit)

    Umbralshade Assaulthog (17th Elite Unit)

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