Dora Med is a maroon cat-like robot created by the Matsushiba robot company, and he can use magic, and like Aladdin, he has a magic lamp and a magic carpet. His only fear seems to be water, but despite this, he has a dream of building a water park called "Water Land", for the people who live in the desert region. He can predict the future using tarot cards, and when he gets into a rage, his size multiplies into tens, turning him into a powerful giant. He can change back when he calms down or when he realizes he's stepping in water. 

His Apparance. He had a Turban Green and Yellow stripes with Yellow feather, Black Arabian Boots, White Baggy Pants ,Blue Collar with Bell on it, Green Arabian Clothes, and a mustache.

His Personality. He had a short tempered and easily angry and because of this, he turns into a giant when he is annoyed. Despite having aquaphobia, he loves to freeze his doracakes and his favorite thing to do is to ride on a magic carpet when he has time.

His Skill and Abilities. He is proficient in fortune-telling, especially by the means of Tarot Cards. He can freeze anything as he freezes his doracakes.

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