El Matadora is a red cat-like robot created by the Matsushiba robot company, and he the member of The Doraemons He didn't possess cat ears. Instead; he grow ox horns on his head, which usually poses unintentional threat to people around him.He lives in the 17th-century Spain; where he disguises himself by working as a dishwasher at a Gyūdon restaurant. Under the name of love, peace and justice, he transforms himself into his heroic alter-ego: the Keikai-Dora.El Matadora is one of the other doras (other than Doraemon and Dora-rinho ) who uses the fourth-dimension pocket

His Personality. Flirty, macho, brash, and coarse; the best words to decribe the personality of Matadora. However, whenever he sees a beautiful girl, somehow his violent attitude vanishes into the thin air.He becomes polite and expresses greetings; complimenting them as señorita, while clamping a rose in his mouth. As seen in Seven Mysteries Of The Robot School, he calls Dorami as Señorita.

His Skill and Abilities. Matadora possess the greatest strength amongst all of the Doraemons. It's depicted in the manga that he was able swing around a male bull without effort. Ironically; this poses problem in his daily life, for he constantly breaking dishes.In the Robolympic (Olympic Games for robots), he participates in weightlifting and lifted an adult elephant all by himself. Though it was an impressive feat; he was disqualified because requirements was to lift the barbells.His dream is to be a best matador out there. Thus; he has mastery of his Magic Cloak, where he swings it to blow away his enemy or deflecting bullets. 

His Apearance. He wear a Pink Spanish hat bull fighter, He wear a Purple and Pink cloak, And he wear a Pink ruff on his neck. In Keikai Dora he wear a Magic Cloak on his Body and his Head.

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