Phineas Flynn/Phineas Flynn [2nd Dimension] - Vincent Martella

Doraemon/Doraemon [2nd Dimension] - Mona Marshell

Ferb Fletcher/Ferb Fletcher [2nd Dimension] - Thomas Brodie Sangster

Noby Nobi/Noby Nobi [2nd Dimension] - Johnny Yong Bosch

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro/Isabella Garcia-Shapiro [2nd Dimension] - Alyson Stoner

Sue Minamoto/Sue Minamoto [2nd Dimension] - Cassacndra Lee Morris

Baljeet Tjinder/Dr Baljeet Tjinder [2nd Dimension] - Maulik Pancholy

Sneech Honekawa/Sneech Honekawa [2nd Dimension] - Brian Beacock

Buford Van Stomm/Buford Van Stomm [2nd Dimension] - Bobby Gaylor

Big G Gouda/Big G Gouda [2nd Dimension] - Kaiji Tang

Perry The Platypus/Perry The Platyborg [2nd Dimension] - Vincent Tong

Dora The Kid/Dora The Kid [2nd Dimension] - Ross Lynch

Pinky The Chihuahua/Pinky The Chihuahuaborg [2nd Dimension] - Ryon Potter

Dora-Rinho/Dora-Rinho [2nd Dimension] - Thomas Middleditch

Peter The Panda/Peter The Pandaborg [2nd Dimension] - Jason Ritter

Wang-Dora/Wang Dora [2nd Dimension] - Josh Keaton

Terry The Turtle/Terry The Turtleborg [2nd Dimension] - Taylor Grey

El-Matadora/El-Matadora [2nd Dimension] -  David Henrie

Dora-Nichov/Dora-Nichov [2nd Dimension] - John Travolta

Dora Med III/ Dora Med III [2nd Dimenison] - Frank Welker

Jaidora/Jaidora [2nd Dimension] - Patton Oswalt

Dorapan/Dorapan [2nd Dimension] - Kevin Miller

Mimimi/Mimimi [2nd Dimension] - Kristen Bell

Mini-Doras - Cristina Vee

Principal Teraodai - Corey Burton

Irving Du Bois - Jack McBrayer

Candace Flynn/Candace Flynn [2nd Dimenison] -  Ashley Tisdale


Robot Cats

Carl Karl - Tyler Alexander Mann

Major Monogram - Jeff Swampy Marsh

OWCA Agent/ Animalborg [2nd Dimension]

Stacy Hirano - Kelly Hu

Jeremy Johnson - Mitchel Musso

Linda Fletcher - Caroline Rhea

Lawrance Fletcher - Richard O'Brien

Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz/Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz [2nd Dimension] - Dan Povermire

Norm/Norm Bots [2nd Dimension] - John Viener

Doctor Achimoff - James Wood

Dr Achimoff Robots

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz/Vanessa Doofenshmirtz [2nd Dimension] - Olivia Olson

Charlene Doofenshmirtz/Charlene Doofenshmirtz [2nd Dimension] - Allison Janney

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