1. Prologue

2. Arrived in the 22th Century

3. Meet The Doraemons

4. Rescue Mission

5. Meet Jaidora And Dorapin

6. Reach To The Top Tower

7. Battle Dr Achimoff

8. Send to the 2nd Dimension

9. Battle Animalborg

10. Reunited The Resistence

11. Rescue Mission Again

12. Escape

13. Dr Achimoff and Dr Doofensmirtz [2nd Dimension] Evil Plan

14. Poke The Goozim

15. Brand New Reality

16. The Invasion

17. Charlene Penthouse

18. Prepare Battle

19. Save Time And Dimensions

20. Reprogram Animalborg

21. Final Battle

22. Goodbye Doraemons

23. The Doraemons Returns

24. Credits 

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