Before I signed up on this wiki, I had been a big fan of it, and I wanted to do my own project for a long time. I started coming up with a lot of ideas for it, and I called it The Universal War of Worlds.

Lately, I had been considering how much trouble the heroes have been getting into with the villains. Although the heroes always beat them in the end, the villains always seem to come back for revenge after revenge after revenge. I wanted to do a story in which the villains finally realize that because they're villains, they don't get happy endings. But with that thought, they finally snapped and said enough is enough!

So, after many years of planning and plotting, they finally came up with a way to destroy the heroes once and for all: our heroes will lose everything they have ever loved, and in that sorrow and madness, they will lose each other. Their friendship will be broken, and the only way to restore it is together, which will be very difficult.

But don't worry! Eventually, with a couple plot twists here and there, they will work things out.

I also want the whole story to have one really confusing mystery. When our heroes are stuck in a really bad spot, Princess Celestia will wonder what other options they have to get out of the situation. When there is none, she will pray to the heavens and call for help.

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