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The Universal War of Worlds: Part 1 - Life Goes On

In this first part of the Universal War of Worlds, I want it to be somewhat peaceful. Our heroes are living a normal life.

But lately, our heroes are dealing with some unusual stressors. They are not sure why, but it includes sleep deprivation. Throughout the whole film, they try to figure out why.

Also, during the film I want the Summer Sun Celebration to happen, in which Celestia and Luna dwell on Luna's banishment. During this part, I want the song of Lullaby for a Princess by youtuber PonyPhonic to be sung. Luna will see Celestia crying in her sleep and will look into her mind and see her dreams, as she is the princess of the night. In her mind, Luna will see the scene of her banishment unfold. After that happens, Celestia will begin to sing Lullaby for a Princess.

Later, our heroes will be visited by old friends. And Thomas will receive a call from Optimus Prime to come help them fight a decepticon. When it is defeated, they will see that it is not any normal decepticon. Then starts a mystery.

Also, at one point, during the night, our heroes will here a faint whistle blowing in the distance out of nowhere. It is unrecognizable.

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