• Morty340

    Forbidden Judgement

    January 6, 2017 by Morty340

    There are a lot of strict provisos for this that everyone should know about (ESPECIALLY those who would dare to ignore them, like Yru17 and Yakko!). I've been trying to deal with it for months, but I could not bear it any longer. And after being mouthed off rudely just because I spoke how I feel, I have decided that this wiki deserves a page with rules that all Pooh's Adventures members should know about when it comes to making Pooh's Adventures.

    Here is a list of what is absolutely NOT materials for crossovers:

    1. Game shows (i.e. etc.)
    2. Movies with inappropriate language (even ones that were owned by Disney)
    3. Rated R movies
    4. Adult movies
    5. Comedy shows (i.e. Malcolm in the Middle)
    6. Violent video games
    7. Adult animes
    8. M-Rated Violent films
    9. Mortal Kombat series…
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