aka Emman V. Cortez

  • I live in Parañaque City, Metro Manila (aka NCR), Luzon, Philippines, Asia
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • ShadEmmanZ-K9

    If I am the creator of Pooh's Adventures, what'll I change?

    1. I'll limit my guest stars in these things to from 4 to 30 instead of hundreds, thousands and millions like everybody and everypony in this wiki.
    2. The language would be mild.
    3. Censorship would be mild to moderate ala what the LEGO videogames did to the source material.
    4. I won't make a very complex family tree.
    5. No nonsensical shippings especially Thomas X Twilight.
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  • ShadEmmanZ-K9

    If I'm the creator of the Pooh's Adventures series, what'll I change?

    My PA team wouldn't contain a very large army due to copyright problems, also the people who've made this franchise would be aware.

    Me (The Leader)

    My companion would be my Sonic OC, Raye the Cat and my vehicle would be some kind of a TARDIS.

    These rules in the wiki wouldn't work like no Horror films allowed (however, Scooby-Doo and GhostBusters can be exceptions) because mature content can be easily censored but hey, are we just like 4K!ds all over again in which they've almost changed everything?

    1. My language will be mild to moderate so no f-bombs, b-bombs and any R/NC-17 rated bad words whatsoever.
    2. No guest characters from an another company than Disney unless they've done t…

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