If I'm the creator of the Pooh's Adventures series, what'll I change?

My Pooh's Adventures team (AKA Emman Strange)

My PA team wouldn't contain a very large army due to copyright problems, also the people who've made this franchise would be aware.

Me (The Leader)

My companion would be my Sonic OC, Raye the Cat and my vehicle would be some kind of a TARDIS.


These rules in the wiki wouldn't work like no Horror films allowed (however, Scooby-Doo and GhostBusters can be exceptions) because mature content can be easily censored but hey, are we just like 4K!ds all over again in which they've almost changed everything?

My Rules

  1. My language will be mild to moderate so no f-bombs, b-bombs and any R/NC-17 rated bad words whatsoever.
  2. No guest characters from an another company than Disney unless they've done that for a reason (ex. Any Capcom character like Ryu, Chun-Li or MegaMan for example in any Marvel themed episodes).
  3. If there were too many characters on my PA team then I would erase all of them!
  4. Winnie the Pooh winning dozens of a Billion Dollars and a mansion in the 100 Acre Wood at the Price is Right doesn't make any sense because the people who made this show will sue the Youtubers who made this.
  5. My most unlikely thing to happen in Pooh's Adventures is having a billion cousins.

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