• Stu-art McMoy .5

    Hey my friends. I had an idea for a Deadilest Warrior match: Rattlesnake Jake vs Ahuizotl

    But I need your help to idenify the killing force of their weapons, tantics, and technecs. To find out who.... is... Deadliest!

    Rattlesnake Jake:

    Weapons/fighting technics:

    Gating Gun - Rate of fire: 900 rounds a minute, Muzzle Velocity: 2020 FPS, Range: 500 - 2000 Yds,

    Body Ground Pound - Effective range: 200 yrds, causes targets within shockwave to get stunned

    Quick grabbing tail - Tail that can snatch objects and wrap around vitims

    Sharp fangs - Two long teeth that can penatrate any skin on any animal

    Snake Venom - A deadly venom that can kill victims when inserted into the body unless they get medical attention


    Weapons/fighting technices:

    Cats - Ti…

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