Here is how using Megatron goes in Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[we then see Megatron searching for any energy surges, but finds none]

Megatron: This is going to be a lot more difficult than I thought.

[we see Nur's face, with his eyes closed]

Apocalypse: Extraordinary.

Kylo Ren: What do you see?

Apocalypse: The answer.[eyes turn white]

Megatron:[senses him] Oh Primus.

Apocalypse: Thank you for letting me in.

[Then a virus happens and Ryan cuts the wire so no nuclear missile will be launched]

Ryan F-Freeman: [hacking to a terminal] Activate security protocol. Part 1: Stopping the missiles from launching.

[but something blocks him but Ryan manages to break through]

Sonata Dusk: What just happened?

Ultron: I don't think so.[about to do something, but Ryan killed him]

[back on the Nemesis]

Megatron: I've never felt power like this before.[eyes turn black]

Apocalypse: Always the same. So war like.[takes over the controllers minds][in amplified voice] No more stones. No more spears. No more slings. No more bows. No more swords. No more.

[Ryan downloads a virus to the counsels of the missile controls]

Ryan F-Freeman: Extermination virus download complete.[His eyes turn white and uses his magic to free the controllers minds] Earth falls no more.

Apocalypse: That is what you think. For only three of my followers are with me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Not this time.[uses magic on Ultron] Ultron. Activate self destruct.

Ultron: With pleasure.[initiates self destruct]

Apocalypse[in amplified voice] No more weapons! No more systems! No more superpowers.

Knock Out:[tries to stop the console]

Apocalypse: They put so much faith in their tools... In their machines.

[Ryan uses his magic to destroy the nukes by erasing them from existence and pins Apocalypse down]

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] [in amplified voice] Love from Earth, boys! [sends a blast of light to space]

Dark Nighlock: NNNOOOOO!!!!!

Kylo Ren: Who turned on the lights!!?!?!

[Flash Fire screams like a Dalek]

Apocalypse: I think this is better.

Dark Nighlock:[tries to stab Ryan but he dodges and Ryan flies away with the Dazzlings] No one interferes. This is what happens when you do so.[creates a storm that shadows Canterlot High, Crystal Prep, and Dirt] Nothing will stand in our way!

[the Nemesis suddenly starts going down]

Dark Nighlock:[helps his allies up]

[Airport Battle plays]

Evil Ryan: We need to get this under control!

Megatron: Evil Ryan.

Evil Ryan: Yes?

Dark Nighlock:[rebuilds the nukes] The Apocalypse I heard of would never give up.

Apocalypse: You're right, I was being foolish.

[Ryan uses his magic to lift the nukes]

Ryan F-Freeman: If you want to be known, Nur!? Here we go!!!! [uses his magic to open a big portal to zombie universe and the nukes go in closing the portal]

Dark Nighlock:[in his own amplified voice] I said no interference![starts pushing him into the telekinetic storm]

Apocalypse:[in amplified voice] You can fire your arrows from the Tower of Babel!

Ryan F-Freeman: [starts pushing back out of the storm] I know. But, you can never.... strike.... GOD!!!!

Dark Nighlock: How is this possible?

Ryan and the Dazzlings: You won't start what you have in store (Ah-ah)~

You won't get all you want and more (Ah-ah)~

You won't break on through (Ah-ah)~

Now it's time we finish you!~

Megatron: Destroy the console.

Evil Ryan: Never! I'm a Decepticon no more and that is final. [teleports out of the scene]

Matau T. Monkey: Bertram. What did your communicator say about Master Ryan's power level?

Bertram T. Monkey: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

Matau T. Monkey: What!? Nine thousand!?

Dark Nighlock:[telekinetically pins Ryan and the Dazzlings] No interference! All hail, Apocalypse.[eyes completely turn red]

Megatron: Evil Ryan, I am your lord and master, I command you to destroy it! Do it now!

Evil Ryan: Never! I protect.

Ryan F-Freeman: [pulls a leaver on the Dark Rift engine] He, he.

Apocalypse: Ryan! What are you doing?

Ryan F-Freeman: No pony tells Nighlock what to do except Major Malfunction. And that's Nighlock and he's him and you're history!!

Dark Nighlock:[Telekinetically tortures Ryan] You betray yourself![chokes Sonata][in amplified voice] You never were the smartest out of all your sisters! No one tells my master what to do!

[Ryan uses his magic to teleport Sonata to safety]

Crash Bandicoot: Adagio! Aria! Ryan! Get to safety!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sonata is the smartest of her sisters, Nighlock. But, I'll show you the most powerful magic greater then yours and mine!

[Ryan teleports Adagio and Aria to safety]

Ryan F-Freeman: The Magic of Friendship.

Dark Nighlock:[in Magneto's voice] Whatever you thought you saw in me, I buried with my family.

[sensing someone behind him, he turned around and missed that person straight through the mid-section]

[the person is revealed to be Evil Anna]

Dark Nighlock: Nighlock is dead. He died with his family. I am Dark Nighlock.

[flies him and his allies away until they can never be seen, but takes Megatron with them]

Evil Anna: Ryan. We need to get to safety!

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Evil Anna. I sent the nukes to the zombie universe. The world can make more nukes.[looks at her in horror] Evil Anna, what's wrong with your skin?

Evil Anna:[looks at herself] Oh no. Ryan! Heal me!

[Ryan uses his magic and returns Evil Anna to her healthy self]

Evil Anna: Thanks. What is it?

Ryan F-Freeman: I've healed you with a gift of immortality.

Dark Nighlock:[in amplified voice] Do you think I am finished?! I will destroy you, the same way Archangel died in 1983! Now, witness my telekinetic hurricane!

[we see the telekinetic storm growing stronger, wiping out any bird life nearby, and it driving the Nemesis straight down, with a Vehicon hitting the window]

Ryvine Sparkle: [takes controls of the Nemesis and it flies up to space] There.

[Ryvine teleports out to space]

Dark Nighlock: Fool of a mortal. You cannot challenge the power of a god.[the six Infinity Stones appear and go into him, making him even more powerful][in amplified voice] Now for true destruction!![the Nemesis crashes into the ground, nearly destroying it]

[we see Cinch accusing Principal Celestia for her students magic destroying her school]

Principal Celestia: I don't know what has left you thinking that, as the same force destroyed our school.

[we see that the portal to Equestria was destroyed]

Sci-Twi: What could have done all this. This beyond even magic.

[Ryan, The Dazzlings and the Cyberlings teleport in front of everyone]

Sunset Shimmer: Ryan! Girls! Thank goodness you're alright!

[Code Red shows up]

Major Malfunction: Thank goodness we got here in time.

[they see the Nemesis crash head first]

Dark Nighlock:[in amplified voice] You can fire your arrows and throw your spears from the walls of the Colesium! But you can never... Destroy... The gods!!![creates even more destruction]

Evil Ryan: We need to fix this.

[Ryan uses his magic to restore what's been destroyed]

[A groundbridge opens]

Thomas: [comes out] Everyone, enter the Groundbridge now!

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Thomas.

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