Verminious Snaptrap is an evil and stupid rat and the leader of the Diabolical Order of Mayhem, Snaptrap serves as the one of the three main antagonists (besides The Chameleon and Bird Brain who Snaptrap tends to collaborate with on occasions) of the series. Ironically, despite being a rat, he is allergic to cheesewhich causes him to swell up. Like his nemesis Dudley Puppy, he is hyperactive, immature, and airheaded. However, unlike Dudley, he doesn't show intellectual potential. He is often easily frustrated when his fellow D.O.O.M. members do something foolish. A running gag is Snaptrap throwing Larry, Dudley, Kitty, or others into his shark tank (which never actually kills any of them). In "Operation: Happy Birthday", it's revealed that he still lives with his mother. Later on in "Dog Dish", it's revealed that his mother buys all of Snaptrap's evil gadgets. That same episode shows that he has a blog, and that he uses his gadgets for incredibly stupid plans such as sneaking into movie theaters. Although, on some occasions, he has shown to be able to do true evil, such as launching the entire town into the sun (as seen in "Mall Rat" when he faked his reform). After most defeats, he shouts "I will now plot my revenge!" In "Forget Me Mutt", it's shown that he's verbally abused by his mother. In "Mind Trap," he's shown to go dumpster diving for food.