This is how Villains break out and Testing the new cuffs goes in Breakout.

[We see a prison. Furno and Rocka escort Voltix and Crash and Matau escort Courtly Jester to their cells]

Crash Bandicoot: Don't worry, Courtly. I hope the food here is not that vinegar and oyster surprise.

William Furno: Welcome to your new home, Voltix.

[Matau kisses Courtly and tosses her into a cell]

Courtly Jester: Yuck! Did you know that thing, monkey?

Daniel Rocka: The bad news is you're stuck here for a long time.

William Furno: But the good news is the rental is free.

[Crash activates the laser beams]

Matau T. Monkey: Well, Rocka. I really like this new armor and you got it as well.

Daniel Rocka: Yeah. With this new upgrade, it was almost too easy.

Matau T. Monkey: Yup. And I hope in other missions, Stormer will help Ryan and Odette and the fate of Odette's world is in our hands.

[Crash nods and looks at Von Nebula's Black Hole Staff]

Crash Bandicoot: Looks like this staff is a fine relic. You know.

Voltix: Von Nebula's Black Hole Staff? That's funny. It gives me hope.

[Voltix uses his powers and an embodiment of Von Nebula appears and moves to the staff]

Daniel Rocka: Whoa! What's he doing?


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