Here's how Vinny's resurrection and the I-Rex and Spino escape goes in Wrath of the Century.

[Our heroes are at a cemetary]

Brian: Alright, let's find Vinny's grave.

[after the search, they come up to Vinny's grave]

Brian: [sees something] The grave!

Human Applejack: Wait Brian! You really gonna do this by disturbin' his peace?

Brian: Of course I am! [starts digging with his paws]

[we now see the coffin]

Brian: AH, jackpot! I need a crowbar!

Peter: Here you go! [throws him one, but it hits his foot]

Brian: OW!!

Peter: Sorry.

Brian: [opens it] Oh, he's beautiful.

[we see Vinny's body still laying in place]

Brian: Hand me the diamond!

Princess Celestia: [Gives it to him.]

[Brian then wields it]

[In heaven]

Vinny: Ah, goodbye my old backache.

[then he gets sucked down]

Vinny: [wakes up] Ow! Hello, my blind painful, backache!

Brian: Vinny! Vinny, it's me!

Vinny: Brian!

[they hug]

Vinny: [looks up] And Everyone else! [but doesn't see Anna] Wait, where's Anna?

Brian: The villains got her, and the Indominus Rex is back, along with the Aliens!

Vinny: Oh, my God! The Aliens?!

Brian: Yeah! We have to save Anna!

Elsa: And fast!

[Then lightining cackles and a skeleton head comes out]

Carl: AH!!

Skeleton: Hey, man. Vinny is ours'. Give him back!

Brian: What? No way. Just crawl back into your hole, bone boy. Go ahead, play dead.

Skeleton​​​: I guess I'm gonna have to take him from you.

Brian: Yeah, right. You and what army?

Skeleton: [eerie moaning] Only the army of the living dead. [all the other dead bodies are walking towards the team]

Zoe Trent: AAAH!!! [jumps into Blythe's hands]

Mako: Oh, No! I've seen this on the late show. You ghoulish fiends hold us down and take turns nibbling on our innards. Then you eat our brains and leave our bodies for the buzzards.

Human Rarity: That's disguting,

Skeleton: We just want Vinny back!

Brian: Not on your life! [he then grabs his Lightsaber] Back! Back I say!

Skeleton: Attack!

Brian: Tallyho! [sword fights a few zombies] Look at me, I'm Errol Fin! [chops up more bodies] You're falling apart, marrow brain. You must be kidding. [sword fights them] Back to oblivion. [jumps over a group of zombies] Oh, ho. How's your sister? All right, boneheads, playtime's over. [twirls around and destroys more of the skeletons] Wa-ha! Ah. That was nice.

[the team are in deep shock]

Brian: What?

Equine Rainbow: That.... was.. AWESOME!!!

Human Rainbow: You were sweet!

Nick Wilde: Yeah. You were like a killing machine.

Brian: Well, thanks.

Kitty: Okay now that's over, how are we suppose to find Anna, now?

Tonto: We follow horse, tan cat. [smacks the rump of a nearby horse]

[the black horse races off]

Jenny Wakeman: Where's it going?

Tonto: North, towards Buffalo territory.

Sid: What?!

Gerald: But that's 200 square miles of rock and desert!

Arnold: No one can survive there.

Tonto: Not to worry, football head.

Brian: Let's just go! Anna could be in terrible danger! [Our heroes ride off into the distance]

[The words 'The End' fade in before cross fading into the 1961 Paramount pictures logo]

[Back at the villains base]

Anna: They'll kill you for this.

Ernie: Damn right, that's the first intelligent thing you said yet.

Anna: [slaps Ernie]

Ernie: [takes out his Darksaber]

[Then a Team Galactic grunt races in]

Team Galactic grunt: Saturn! We have a problem.

Saturn: Yes?

Team Galactic grunt: The Indominus Rex, is not in it's cage.

Saturn: WHAT?!

Jupiter: Did Spino got out too?

Team Galactic grunt: No, he's still there. The Indominus is nowhere in sight.

Saturn: Take a squad and double check!

[Some Team Galactic grunts and Stormtrooper commandos enter the jungle box]

Stormtrooper Commando: No sign of it.

Mars: Keep your eyes open.

Team Galactic grunt: Huh? This is weird.

Sideshow Bob: What is?

Team Galactic grunt: The beacon says the I-Rex isn't there. But it is.

Sideshow Bob: What?

Team Galactic grunt: It's still in the cage!

[The grunts and commandos are still there]


[Then the Indominus appears right in front of them]

Indominus Rex: ROAR!!!!!!

Stormtrooper commandos: [firing]

[but the I-Rex kills them]

[As the grunts try to escape, Spino comes out of nowehere and kills them]

[then one of them opens the gate and the 2 escape]

Jupitper: Uh oh.


Saturn: Uh, Ernie, we....

Ernie: Look Team Galactic, your animals are loose!

Mars: Bu.. bu.. Ernie, we....

Ernie: What you made, are no dinosaurs. 

Sideshow Bob: Send a squad to find them! We need to hunt these things down!

[As they leave Team Galactic feel bad]

Ernie: Hey Scorn. [scorn walks over to him] Take her outside. [takes out his Colt Revolver and hands it to him]

Anna: [gasps]

Scorn: Huh? I can't.

Ernie: [picks him up by fist] Take her outside. Got it?

[Scorn then guides Anna outside]

Anna: Please don't do this.

Scorn: [points the gun at her] Don't look at me.

Anna: You don't have to do this!

Scorn: I said, "don't look at me!" (cocks gun)

Anna: [turns her head and shuts her eyes]

[several gunshots go off]

Anna: [opens her eyes and sees Scorn with the gun on the ground]

Scorn: Run. Please, run! Get out of here while you can!

[Anna starts running just as a mysterious figure riding a horse appears]

Anna: Who's there?!

[but then she trips on a small rock and then hits her head on another rock, and is knocked unconscious as the figure then fires a gun, and then we see Scorn's body fall to the ground]