Here is how Yuna and her friends visit the Genesis Park Petting Zoo in The Week at Genesis Park.

At the Genesis Park Petting Zoo, The foals were having fun playing with the baby animals.

Princess Yuna: They got all kinds of baby dinosaurs including the prehistoric mammals.

Alexis: Our Grandpa made sure that it's safe for the other foals.

Princess Twila: It's a good thing too.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: This is so much fun.

Josephine: I'll say.

The foals are having a fun time.

Meanwhile with Luna and the babies.

Prince Isamu: (happy giggling)

Princess Luna: You like the baby animals, Do you, Isamu?

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Luna: I thought you do.

Prince Isamu: (laughing)

Princess Luna: They seem to be happy here.

Luna keeps watch on the babies while feeding the baby animals.

Princess Luna: So, Do you love the baby animals.

Prince Isamu: (happy gurgling)

Princess Luna: (laughs) Ready to go back to the lodge?

Prince Isamu: (wanting to be picked up)

Princess Luna: I thought so. (picks up her baby)

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