Mad3 character large 332x363 vitaly
is a tough Russian circus tiger from the movie Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

Born and raised in Circus Zaragoza, Vitaly the Tiger was the star of the show, his act was jumping thought hoops that got smaller and smaller with each act. Stefano, the sea lion and his best friend, was his assistant during this act and it helped the circus become number one.

But then one day he covered himself in olive oil and told Stefano to make the hoop so small that it would be used as a pinkie ring for the smallest woman, then to light it on fire. When he passed through the hoop he caught on fire and Stefano rushed in to put the cat out. After that, he lost everything (Dignity, passion for performing, soft fur that grew back prickly and even his wife, who dumped him for a musicain). Since his act meant everything to the circus his lost passion caused everyone else in the circus to lose their passion as well.