Here is the scene where the Volcano erupted and Max saves Jama goes in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom.

(Then the ground crack, and the heroes know what's going)

Clemont: The volcano... SHE AWAKES!!!

Brad: Hey, I have nothing to do with this.

Lor McQuarrie: Feels like not a place to be.

Max Taylor: No, wait! We got to get her back, or else the whole city will die!

Bonnie: If we don't get out of here, we'll die!

Max Taylor: It's the only way to reverse this! Just do it!

(They hook the chains attach to the cage as they took off the cage was too strong and chain broke off as Max jumps off the ship)

Zoe Drake: Max, no!

(Max grabs the chain and avoids getting hit by the lava and then he manage to tied up the cage by putting the chains attached to each other)

Max Taylor: Go!

(They took off with Jama in the cage and they made it out of the cave as the Lava floats out of the cave as our heroes made it back to Dinolantis and lower the cage to the ground as Max uses the spear to break the door open)

Tai Kamiya: I hope you have a back up plan.

Rex Owen: You better hurry, Max! The Volcano is about to blow!

Daniel Phantom: Max, hurry!

(He got the crate opened and the crystal form of Jama is now free)

Alvin: What's happening?

Mickey Mouse: She's getting the crystal back!

(Then the pieces of the crate spin and flew away as the cyrstal regains it's power)

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