This is how Von Nebula's followers contact Von Nebula goes in To Where and Back Again Part 1.

[Starlight and Trixie sneak into the Castle of Friendship and see Xplode, Rotor, Corroder, Meltdown, Thunder, and Vapor in the throne room, trying to make some sort of device]

Xplode: Is it ready?

Vapor: Just one more.

[They get it working and Von Nebula's image appears]

Starlight Glimmer: [quietly] Von Nebula!

Von Nebula: Ugh. I can't take any of you seriously when you make the image fuzzy.

Thunder: Oh, right.

[Xplode, Rotor, Corroder, Meltdown, Thunder, and Vapor make the image better]

Von Nebula: Much better. Now report!

Vapor: Everything here is going according to plan! We've captured the six ponies and their dragon, and have taken control of the castle!

Von Nebula: Excellent. And I've just received word that the princesses from Canterlot have successfully been captured as well.

Xplode, Rotor, Corroder, Meltdown, Thunder, and Vapor: [laughing]

[Starlight and Trixie gasp]

Von Nebula: We thought too small last time. One wasn't enough. With all the most beloved ponies of Equestria taken care of, no one can stop us! [evil laughter]

Xplode, Rotor, Corroder, Meltdown, Thunder, and Vapor: [laughing]

[Starlight and Trixie prepare to sneak off when Starlight trips and the door creaks]

Xplode: What was that?

Rotor: I don't know.

Corroder: Someone check it out.

Meltdown: Nuh-uh! We're doing this together.

Thunder: Meltdown is right.

Vapor: Come on!

[They search around but can't find Starlight and Trixie due to Starlight casting an invisibility spell on her and Trixie. Vapor hears something, but shrugs]

Trixie: [gasps for breath]

[The villains leave]

[Starlight and Trixie turn themselves visible again and sigh with relief]

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