Waffle is an extremely enthusiastic, goofy, cute, funny cat. He can speak Newtuguese (a language supposedly spoken by newts) as if he were a newt himself. Waffle is a free spirit who is overly optimistic. His catch phrases are "Spleee!" or "Yahoo!" when he's happy and gets super-excited about all things silly. Waffle has been wowed by revolving doors, fingers, bubble wrap and newts. He also wishes roller coasters were public transportation, would eat donuts straight from "donut trees", loves zero gravity basketball and smelling the pictures of flowers on shirts. Waffle also likes doing farting sounds with his underarms. He is a gray Tortie with long, dog-like ears and a long tail. He is the tallest and the youngest.


  • He is voiced by Kevin McDonald who voiced Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch franchise and the Almighty Tallest Purple in Invader Zim.

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