Wallace and Gromit's Middle School is a short story created by Iamnater1225.


This story is about when Princess Yuna begins her first day of school in Wallace and Gromit's Middle School and make new friends around here.

Breakfast time at Canterlot

It was a bright sunny morning in Canterlot, Yuna got up and getting ready for her first day of School.

Arrival at Wallace and Gromit's Middle School

Princess Celestia takes Yuna and Moon Starlight to a school called Wallace and Gromit's Middle School.

Meeting New Friends/Meet Wallace and Gromit

Yuna and Moon Starlight were glad to see Princess Skyla, Prince Edmond and Princess Twila.

Lunch/Meeting the Principal and Vice Principal

Every class in school had lunch and Princess Yuna and Moon Starlight meets her Principal Dean Hardscrabble and Vice Principal Jane Kangaroo.

The library

After meeting the principal, the class went to the library where Yuna and Moon Starlight meets Golden Apple, Arachna, Dragonsly, Brownie, Red Beret, Emerald, Thunder Spectrum, Blue Star, Sunbeam, Willow Apple, Apple Feather, Game Player and Game Facer, Quaker, Treasurer, Round Up, Hurricane Cloud, Indigo Marble, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake, Orange Cake, Cream Puff, Golden Scissor and Bronze Bracelet, Lucky Horseshoe and Lucky Penny, Stary, Josephine, Judy, Roger, Eliza, Daffodil, Joshua and Katrina, Angus and Fergus, Orlean, Polly, Kyle, Adam, Marie and Matilda.

Going back home

When Princess Yuna and Moon Starlight got home from School, Prince Hiro and Princess Luna showed Dusty and Yuna a glass window picture of them. Later that night, Princess Yuna was getting ready for bed when and they said goodnight.




Wallace and Gromit's Middle School:

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