Here is how Wallace was cured and the fight against the Werecats goes in Werewolf vs Werecat Part 2.

Later, Yuna, Nyx and Gromit started searching for Wallace.

Princess Yuna: Here, Bunny, Bunny.

Wallace: (as the Were-Rabbit) ROAR!!!

Princess Yuna: Come on, come on.

Wallace: (as the Were-Rabbit) Howl!!!!!

Rabbits: (howls)

Princess Yuna: Get ready, Nyx.

Nyx: I'm ready, I'm ready.

Princess Yuna: Not yet. Almost. Now!

Nyx: (bothered by a butterfly) Hey! Cut it out.

Wallace: (as the Were-Rabbit) ROAR!!!!

Princess Yuna: Nyx, NOW!!!

Nyx: Oh! (throws an antidote pill down Wallace's throat) Hasta la festa, BUNNY!!!!

Wallace: (turns back to normal) What just happened?

Princess Yuna: You were turned into a Were-Rabbit.

Wallace: Really?

Nyx: Yes, But now you're human again, Come on, Let's meet the others.

With the others.

Lawrence Talbot: We don't have much time, We must stop Simone, Lena and Jacques before it's too late.

Sassy: It's kung fu kitty! MEOW!

Simone Lenoir: You are too late!

Lena Dupree: Now we'll feast the lives out of all of you! (as she and Simone transform into Werecats)

Lawrence Talbot: Yuna, You must destroy the Werecat Scepter, It's the only life source!

Jacques: (growls)

Lawrence Talbot: (transform into a werewolf)

Nyx: Lawrence needs my help! I must be brave!

Jacques: (growls)

Lawrence Talbot: (growls)

Nyx: Leave my cousin alone! (zaps Jacques)

Jacques: YEOW!!!

Nyx: Now, Yuna!

Jacques: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Princess Yuna: Time to Kiss your Nine Lives Goodbye! (use her magic and zaps the Werecat scepter and melts it)

Simone, Lena and Jacques: (turning into dust)

Berkeley Beetle: Well, That serves you right, Werecats.

Nails the Spider: Eat that, You big Wusses.

Rocko: Well, that's the end of the werecats.

Prince Isamu: (crying)

Princess Luna: (embraces her son) Shh, Shh, There, There, Isamu, Mama's here.

Hiro: Yuna, Snowdrop, We were beginning to worry, Are you two alright?

Snowdrop: We're okay, Thanks to Nyx.

Nyx: I've just defeated the Werecats that easily.

Twilight Sparkle: Well done, Nyx.

Nyx: Thanks, Twilight. And thank you, Yuna, I wouldn't be brave with out you.

Princess Yuna: Anytime, Nyx.

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