This is how the scene for The Princesses and Brian warining Thomas goes in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

[inside, the robot is still firing lasers, and Cavey throws a giant rock at him. Patchy is huddled behind the couch. Potty watches with a soda and popcorn]

Potty: [squawk] This is great.

Patchy: Ahoy, glad you're back. [ducks a laser] Let's watch the rest of Thomas' Place as a Prime while I get things straightened out around here. Whoa! [he ducks as a giant rock falls on him. He comes up dazed] Or… maybe not.

[Back to the film]

Thomas: [is chuffing through the town, pondering] What is my place?

Princess Celestia: THOMAS! THOMAS!!

Brian: [as Roquferd] HEY, STOP!!!

[Princess Celestia, Luna, and Brian run up to him]

Princess Luna: Thank goodness we found you.

Princess Celestia; You've got to hide, Tirek knows you're a Prime!

Princess Luna: And now he's on his way here to steal the Matrix and the gems from you!

Thomas: Are Twilight and the others okay?

Brian: They're just fine, but you've got to go now!

Princess Luna: Tirek could show up any minute!

Tirek: Correction, I have arrived.

[The Princesses look back and see Tirek grinning evily]

Ernie: We want those gems and the Matrix, you rusty blue scrap iron!

Princess Celestia: THOMAS! GET OUT OF HERE!!

Thomas: What about you 3?

Brian: We'll be fine! NO GO, RUN! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!

[Thomas takes off]

Tirek: The Matrix is mine! [runs after Thomas]

Ernie: Hey! Wait for me! [races after him]

Thomas: [is many miles away now but then he remembers something] Hey, wait a minute. [stops] I'm a Prime, and Prime fight their enemies rather than run. TIREK! I'M CALLING YOU OUT!! TIREK!!!

Tirek: This just got better. Why don't you run for your life, like your Mentors and friend told you to. Go on, run away from me!

Ernie: Yeah, or better yet. Loose your mare.

Thomas: No, I will not!! I'm not gonna run, for now, WE'RE IN BATTLE! [fires his gatling guns at Tirek]

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