Team babylon s wave the swallow render by nibroc rock-d9ze8ju

Wave the Swallow is a fictional anthropomorphic swallow from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is the Babylon Rogues' resident technical genius, and a bit of a trash-talker. Wave is the daughter of the tech expert of the Rogues' previous generation, and her knowledge of Extreme Gear far surpasses that of Tails and Doctor Eggman. Because of this knowledge, she is brimming with self-confidence; and as a result she "gives advice understandable to herself but not to others". However, she still considers Tails and Eggman to be worthy mechanical opponents when it comes to building. She's the only female in the Babylon Rogues. She is often mistreated by the other members of the Rogues, as if she is only good at helping build things. She has been brought down from the tough person she was in the first game and dragged into a quiet and loyal friendship with Jet. She allows herself to take the blame for something that is not her fault.



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