We Built Gwen's Face is a song from Total Drama: World Tour.



Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: World Tour

[Ryan F-Freeman]
They're way ahead
So, we've got to go
We've got to build something to sail
[Meg Griffin]
Something we can row-ow
It doesn't have to be a boat
[Ryan Tokisaki and Heather]
As long as it stays afloat
[Ryan and the Dazzlings]
Oh, why did we build Gwen's face?
[Crash Bandicoot and Alejandro]
It's almost ready, to set sail!
[Jessie Primefan]
Just hammering in the final nail
[Ryan and the Dazzlings]
Oh, whoa, oh
[Sonic and Owen]
We really did this fast!
[Cody Fairbrother]
Soon, we'll be back in first class!
[Thomas, Alejandro, Owen and Duncan]
Because they built Gwen's face!
[Ryan and the Dazzlings]
We built Gwen's face!
[Cody and the Rainbooms]
We're gonna take first place!
[Ryanset Shimmer and Codylight Sparkle]
Because we built Gwen's face!
[Courtney and Sci-Ryan]
[Ranyx, the Cyberlings and Xgem]
We built Gwen's face!
[Ryan, Meg, Kurumi and Sierra]


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