This is when Jesse realizes that Willy is going to dry up if he, Littlefoot, Ash, Cartman, Randolph, and the others don't get to the lake faster.

(music starts)

Jesse: (speaking) We gotta hurry! He's not doing so good!

Petrie: (singing) We all hurry now. No time to look back.

Chomper: Follow me.

Ducky: And do not let go of the whale. It'd be very, very bad if he dries.

Cartman: (singing in Nod's voice) Well, I'm not sure this idea's a good one.

Kyle: (singing in Mutt's voice) What if that Team Rocket there were to catch us?

Cartman: (singing in Nod's voice) Why don't we leave the whale right here and run?

Ducky: We are to close to home to leave him here. If he should fall, he might find a way back to the pool.

Chomper: We must be brave.

Petrie: And move this whale.

Chomper: Or are you scared?

(music ends)

Cartman: (in Nod's voice) Scared?

(Chomper stares at Cartman to make him tell the truth)

Cartman: (laughing in Nod's voice) I'm not scared. You scared, Kyle?

Kyle: (in Mutt's voice) Well, maybe-- (Cartman hits Kyle) I mean, no! I'm... not... scared.

Cartman: (in Nod's voice) Right! Then... let's move this whale.

Chomper: I hope Team Rocket doesn't block our way there.

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