We Will Stand for Friendship is a remake of We Will Stand for Everfree .


[Ryan F-Freeman]
We have waited for the day
[Adagio Dazzle]
To send the evil baddies away
[Aria Blaze]
For our magic is your salvation
[Sonata Dusk]
Gather close in our protection
[Ryan and the Dazzlings]
We will stand for friendship!
[Ryan F-Freeman]
Behold the Magic of Friendship in all it's glory
[Adagio Dazzle]
No need to fear the Cons at the door
[Aria Blaze and Ryan F-Freeman]
Right here you have us to defend you
With the power of our friendship
[Sonata Dusk]
For our friendship, forever more!
[Ryan F-Freeman]
Into our domain they once came
Here to seal our friends in chains
[Gaia Everfree]
But we will protect them for generations
We can face this complication
[Gaia Everfree]
[Ryan and the Dazzlings]
Stand for friendship!
[Ryan F-Freeman]
Trust in us, this is for your help
[Adagio Dazzle and Crash Bandicoot]
All wrongs become right
[Aria Blaze and Bertram T. Monkey]
Friendship's what makes us friends
[Sonata Dusk and Evil Anna]
All of this Yo-Kai that surrounds us
[Ryan F-Freeman and Evil Ryan]
Every Bot and Con designed to defend
[Gaia Everfree]
Let them come! Just let them try!
We'll make the bad guys say "Bye-bye"!
[12th Doctor]
Cause we will be here throughout the ages
Written into the history pages
[Ryan and the Dazzlings and the Cyberlings]
We will stand for friendship!


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