Weekenders Adventures of Big Hero 6 is an upcoming Weekenders/Disney crossover created by Sonic876.



  • DigiDestined and their digimon (Season 1, 2, 3 & 4), Jimmy Two-Shoes, Heloise, Beezy, The Never Land Pirates (Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully), Marina the Mermaid, Stormy the Mermaid, WordGirl, Captain Huggy-Face, Doraemon, Noby, Sue, Sneech, Big G, Ace Goody, Roboko, Sophia, Miyoko Mangetsu, Riruru, Pippo, Lulli, Shido Itsuka, Kotori Itsuka, Tohka Yatogami, Yoshino and Yoshinon, Reine Murasame, Origami Tobiichi, Mana Takamiya, Godou Kusanagi, Erica Blandelli, Yuri Mariya, Liliana Kranjcar, Ena Seishuin, Miss Frizzle, Tim, Arnold, Dorothy Ann, Phoebe, Keesha, Wanda, Ralphie, Carlos, Sunset Shimmer, The Human Mane 5, Blythe Baxter, Zoe Trent, Pepper Clark, Penny Ling, Vinnie Terrio, Minka Mark, Sunil Nevla, Russell Ferguson, Grojband (Corey Riffin, Laney Penn, Kin and Kon Kujira), Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Cheer, Share, Funshine, Oopsy, Grumpy, Mr. Peabody, Sherman, Penny Peterson, Kurumi Tokisaki, Athena, Darla Dimple, Lucius Heinous VII, Brittany and Whittany Biskit, Percival C. McLeach, The Grand Duke of Owls, The Dazzlings, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Tirek, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and Cassidy and Butch of Team Rocket guest stars in this film.

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