Weekenders Adventures of Cowman: The Uddered Avenger is another upcoming Weekenders/Barnyard Crossover made by Sonic876 and Frogadier55. It's a sequels of LegoKyle14's film, Weekenders Goes to Barnyard: The Original Party Animals, and Sonic876 and Frogadier55's TV series, Weekenders Goes Back at the Barnyard. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


When Cowman is assigned the task of guarding the Jurassic Corn Kernel at the county fair, Professor Mertin Fargleman (Tom Kenny) wants to steal it to win the Gardening Award posing as Professor Twineyvines. When the town is impressed with Twineyvines and unimpressed with Cowman trying to save the Kernel from him, Twineyvines becomes the new protector. Immediately, Cowman takes the kernel to protect it and is branded a thief and then chased by a mob. He then decides to stop Twineyvines when Cowgirl finds Cowman and Ratboy headed for Peru and says that Green Rooster, Mr. Hamtastic and Paranoid Man have been kidnapped by Mrs. Beady, who they do not know is in line with Twineyvines. Now, Cowman, Ratboy, Cowgirl, Mr. Hamtastic, Paranoid Man and Green Rooster must unite to defeat Fargleman, clear Cowman's name, and save the Jurassic Corn Kernel (mutated into a giant monster) from destroying the fair (even though the fair was already destroyed).


  • Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Keswick, The Chief, Squire Flicker, Princess Flame, King Allfire, Queen Griddle, Sir Loungelot, Sir Blaze, Sir Burnevere, Sir Galahot, Sir Hotbreath, The Wandering Minstrel, Cinder and Clinker, Sunset Shimmer (Oposite), Verminious Snaptrap, The Chameleon, Larry, Ollie, Francisco, Bad Dog and Leather Teddy will guest star in this film.
  • Sunset Shimmer (Oposite), Verminious Snaptrap, The Chameleon, Larry, Ollie, Francisco, Bad Dog and Leather Teddy will work for Professor Mertin Fargleman, Even thought the Good Sunset Shimmer will appear in Pooh's Adventures of Cowman: The Uddered Avenger.


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