Weekenders Adventures of Once Upon a Forest is an Upcoming Weekenders/Fox Crossover Movie To Be Edited By Sonic879 & Will Appear in The Near Future!


The Weekenders, The Fresh Pretty Cure Girls, and The Crew Joins With Abigail, Edgar, and Russell To Save Michelle From The Toxic Waste Caused By Humans!


The Reason Why Woody Woodpecker from 1940 Will Guest Star in This is Because of "Weekenders and Woody Woodpecker in Pantry Panic" Will Be The Cartoon That Will Appear Before Weekenders Adventures of Once Upon a Forest! and The Fresh Pretty Cure Girls Will Be Joining With Them Starting With Weekenders Adventures of Once Upon a Forest

Abigail & The Furlings (Russell, Edgar, Michelle, & Willy) Will Be Joining The Weekenders and The crew Starting in "Weekenders Adventures of Felix The Cat The Movie"

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