Weekenders Adventures of Pan-0

Weekenders Adventures of Pan is another Weekenders/Warner Bros. crossover movie made by Sonic876.


Peter (Levi Miller) is a young boy who is left on the steps of an orphanage by his mother Mary (Amanda Seyfried). The establishment is under the care of the cruel Mother Barnabas (Kathy Burke) in London. Upon learning that she is hoarding food for herself, Peter and his best friend Nibs steal it to distribute amongst themselves and the other orphans. In the process, Peter finds a letter written by his mother, declaring her love and assuring Peter they'll meet again "in this world or the other".

In retaliation for the boys' mischief, Mother Barnabas summons pirates who kidnap Nibs and several others. Peter manages to rescue Nibs, but is captured himself and taken to Neverland, a magical realm beyond space and time, where he is forced to become a slave laborer and mine for fairy dust on behalf of the ruthless pirate Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman), during which Peter befriends another miner, James Hook (Garrett Hedlund). After insulting Blackbeard's men, Peter is forced to walk the plank, but survives by flying above the water. Blackbeard then confides with him about an old prophecy that a boy who could fly would one day kill him, but Peter refuses to believe he is the said boy.

Peter joins Hook and his accomplice, Smee (Adeel Akhtar), in stealing one of Blackbeard's flying boats and escaping into the forest, where they are found and nearly executed by the natives led by Chief Great Little Panther (Jack Charles), before his daughter, Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara), notices Peter's pan flute pendant, left to him by Mary, and said to belong to their people's greatest hero, the legendary Pan. Tiger Lily reveals that Peter's father was the Fairy Prince, and that Mary incurred Blackbeard's wrath by rejecting his advances, for which she was forced to abandon Peter and seek shelter in the Fairy Kingdom. As part of his heritage, Peter has the ability to fly, but unable to do so because of his lack of faith.

Fearful of Blackbeard's punishment, Smee betrays the natives' location to him, and in the ensuing battle, Chief Great Little Panther is murdered by Blackbeard, who also reveals he killed Peter's mother. Peter, Hook, and Tiger Lily escape in a raft and head to the Fairy Kingdom to enlist their help in defeating the pirates. Along the way, Peter falls into the river and is nearly eaten by a crocodile before being rescued by the mermaids, after which he has a vision of Blackbeard accidentally killing Mary as she defended the Fairy Kingdom from his offensive. Despondent over their chances, Hook leaves, while Peter and Tiger Lily arrive at the Fairy Kingdom only to be ambushed by Blackbeard, who uses the pan flute pendant to open their gates and launches an attack.

Peter escapes and befriends one of the fairies, Tinker Bell. Together, they rally the faries to battle the pirates, and are joined by a returning Hook, who fights Blackbeard's right-hand man Bishop (Nonso Anozie) aboard the stolen ship, which tips over, sending both falling to their deaths. Peter conquers his fears and flies to save Hook, while Blackbeard and his men are overpowered by the faries. Forced into an abyss, they subsequently fall to their deaths; Smee is the sole survivor having fled during the battle. Peter then has a vision of Mary, who reaffirms him to Neverland's great hero, Peter Pan. Shortly afterwards, Peter and Hook, now the captain of the Jolly Roger, return to London to rescue Nibbs and the other orphans, who become part of Peter's crew, the Lost Boys. Peter and Hook then reaffirm their friendship, certain that nothing will ever go wrong between them.


  • Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Delia Ketchum, Misty, Togepi, Brock, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Clemont, Bonnie, Serena, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, The Sailor Scouts, Doraemon, Noby, Sue, Ace Goody, Sneech, Big G, Riruru, Pippo, Lulli, Roboko, Sophia, Peko, Spiana, Todd, Maurecia, Dana, Myron, Ms. Frizzle, Tim, Arnold, Dorothy Ann, Phoebe, Keesha, Wanda, Ralphie, Carlos, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Share, Funshine, Grumpy, Oopsy, Cheer, Mr. Peabody, Sherman, Penny Peterson, Jack Skellington, The Griffin Family, Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, Joe Swanson, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream, Cosmo, Chris Thorndyke,  Thomas, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Percy, Pinkie Pie, Toby, Applejack, James, Rarity, Gordon, Rainbow Dash, Henry, Fluttershy, Edward, Emily, Hiro, Charlie, The Logging Locos (Bash, Dash and Ferdinand), Spike, The Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo), Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Luke, Duke, Smudger, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Sunset Shimmer, Daring Do, Bill and Ben, Bertie, Terence, Stephen, Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Toad, Stepney, Victor, Kevin, Zecora, Babs Seed, Steamy, Puffy, Evan, Shai-Shay, Rodger the logging loco, Roary the Race Car, Theodore Tugboat, Socky, Skunky, J.J., Buzz, Mako, Sharky, Willy, Mr. Great White, The Miner Trains (Steam Grindor, Steam Mech, Mucker, Steam Claw D., Steam Exavator and Steam Sweeper), The CyberSquad (Matt, Jackie, Inez, and Digit), The Planet Trains (Zip, Dazzlen, Dusten, Gustis, Rings, Uray, Tune and Shiver), Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Cross-Hairs, Hound, Drift, General Dedrich, The Human Mane 5, Button Mash, Maud Pie, Cheese Sandwich, Ed, Edd n', Eddy, and The Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup) guest stars in this film.
  • The Evil Superevil Gang, The Diesel, Bulgy, Diesel 10, Diesel, Splatter and Dodge, Dread Steam, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, Trixie, The Flim Flam Brothers, Ahuizotl, Lightning Dust, The Dazzlings, Brittany and Whittany Biskit, Entei, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Starlight Glimmer, Tirek, Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, The Nightmare Train, The Evil Mane 6, The Diesel Squad, Hacker, Buzz and Delete King Candy, Alameda Slim, Percival C. McLeach, Kurumi Tokisaki, Dr. Facilier, Athena, Oogie Boogie, Darla Dimple, The Grand Duke of Owls, Dr. Drakken and Shego, Captain Hook, Janet, Grizzle, and Team Rocket will work for Blackbeard in this film.
  • This movie is an event of Hodou's 7th birthday.



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